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Life is a kick! And I love it! I’m honored to have been able to spend so many years playing music, writing about wild and powerful stuff, riding motorcycles and training with some of the most talented martial artists around. I’m also ever-grateful that I grew up in—and survived—the crazed 1960s. The roots of my writing, riding, music and karate are all woven into the foundation that was laid back then. American society has never experienced anything like the ’60s before or since—on one hand that’s probably a good thing, on the other, well, it’s a damn shame that everyone couldn’t taste a least a lick of the pretty poison brewed up in and around the Summer of Love! It was a time of people becoming hyper-aware of all that life had to offer; it was a time when any thought of boredom was crushed by the avalanche of rock music and social introspection; it was a time that screamed out “make every second count and enjoy existence to its fullest!” To me, those are good roots to have!


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