I'm honored and blessed to have played with some of the best bands in Southern California! For many years now I have been a part of the great, indie-impassioned, Debbie & the GoodMan Band. I also play with the badass blues band, Lex & the Feral Cats. And for about 14 years I played with the legendary Kara Turner. And after over 50 years I STILL play and record with the ultimate still-surviving 1960s garage band, Several Mouth Parts!!! Please come out and enjoy our shows and pick up our music online. Below is my complete and up-to-the-minute list of gigs!!!

Bill's 2021 Schedule (so far!!!)

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Debbie &
the GoodMan Band

Lex & the Feral Cats

Several Mouth Parts

The Kara Turner Band

Sat, April 10...Facebook Live show at 4:00 pm (PDT)...Debbie & the GoodMan Band,